The Dogs Owner’s Guide to Reduce Excessive Shedding

For some dog owners, shedding can be quite confusing and frustrating, especially when they dogs shed a lot; way more than others. If you have been looking for the solutions to your dog's excessive shedding, search no more, because in this guide you will learn everything you need to know about how to stop excessive dog shedding. Dog Shedding Explained Shedding is a natural process where dogs naturally lose old or damaged hair. Although shedding is a natural process, the amount and ... Read More »

Dog Tips – How To Deal With A Dog That’s Scared Of Lightning And Thunder

Many of us see dogs as amazing companions, great guards, and the defender of our homes. But like humans, dogs also have their own weaknesses; one common weakness that a dog may have is fear of thunder or lightning. It’s truly a disheartening scene, seeing your canine buddy trembling in hear, running around the house looking for a safe area to shelter them from the big bad rumbling in the sky. The experience is also very stressful for your furry buddies which is why we need to understand why ... Read More »

Moving With Your Dog – Make Moving Day Less Stressful For You And Your Dog With These Easy Tips

Moving day can be a really stressful time for any person, bringing all those boxes, furniture, clothes, etc. It can even be more hectic if you have dogs around. But before you start feeling sorry for yourself know that your dog is suffering from the same stress and anxiety as well. Moving day is definitely not easy for your canine buddy especially when they’ve been living in your old home for many years. Bear in mind that dogs love routine so change is not really their strong suit. If you ... Read More »

Coprophagia In Dogs – Quick Tips To Stop Your Dogs From Their Own Eating Poop

This article is actually a continuation of another article about coprophagia in dogs. If you haven’t read that yet or don’t have a firm understanding of what coprophagia is and why it happens please read that article first by clicking here. If you’ve already read that article and had your dog checked by your vet then the next part is for you to learn how to stop it from happening. As promised, in this article, we will be giving you some tips and tricks to stop this behavior. Make sure that ... Read More »

A Closer Look At Coprophagia In Dogs – The Reasons Why Dogs Eat Their Own Feces

This may be considered as a gross topic but we hope you bear with us. This topic may be a little hard to stomach but this weird behavior has been witnessed by thousands of dog owners for years now. This is also one of the most frequent questions that dog owners ask. To shed some light on this strange behavior we will be looking at Coprophagia in dogs more closely. For those who aren’t aware yet Coprophagia is the act where dogs eat their own feces. As disgusting as that may sound, this ... Read More »

Dog Shedding Myths Debunked – 5 Shedding Myths That Most Dog Owners Believe To Be True

Dog shedding is a phenomenon that many dog owners may be acquainted with. Dog shedding happens when your dog sheds their old fur to allow for new ones to grow. This usually brings a load of headache to some dog owners because it results to incessant vacuuming in the house. Due to this, a lot of people look for ways to stop or prevent this phenomenon from happening. This is what brought out different kinds of dog shedding myths that, sadly, many dog owners to this date still believe to be ... Read More »

Fun Dog Trivia – 10 Interesting Facts About Dogs That Will Blow Your Mind

Every dog has their own quirks and personality. There are dogs that look like they don’t care and there are also those that can play through the entire day. But no matter how docile, active or playful they are we still love every part of them. To pay homage to these special creatures that we can’t really say no to, here are some interesting fun facts you may not know about your canine buddy. 1. Dogs are dreamers too Yes, dogs do dream! Our furry companions actually have the same slow ... Read More »

The Positive Effects Walking Your Dog Can Provide You And Your Canine Buddy

By now, most people understand how important exercise is for both yours and your dog’s health. Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling or difficult for you or your canine buddy. You can actually get a good amount of it by simply going on walks with them. This is why you’ll normally see dog owners walking their canine buddies in the streets or in parks. Aside from exercise, did you know that there are a whole lot of benefits both you and your dog can gain from this particular activity? Believe ... Read More »

For A Happier And Healthier You – Amazing Benefits That You Can Get From Owning And Loving A Dog

There’s are ups and downs when you’re a dog owner. These darling creatures are very gentle and sweet but then again they also have the tendency to be rambunctious and naughty. That said though, honestly, no matter what happens the love and the loyalty of a dog can’t be traded with anything else. Did you know that there are a whole lot of benefits that you can get from owning a dog, aside from the love and loyalty they bring? To help you appreciate your furry buddy more, here are 5 benefits ... Read More »

More Than Just A Friendly Gesture – A Closer Look Into The Dog Tail Wagging Behavior

There’s this very big misconception with dog owners to what dog tail wagging means. Most of the time, a lot of dog owners see this as their dog acting friendly to another dog or another person. Well, it is not really entirely wrong but it’s not entirely correct either. Dogs wag their tails as a means to communicate with other dogs or animals. Although a tail wag could mean being friendly, it could also mean that your dog is ready to strike at any minute. Some dog owners get somewhat of a ... Read More »