More Than Just A Friendly Gesture – A Closer Look Into The Dog Tail Wagging Behavior

There’s this very big misconception with dog owners to what dog tail wagging means. Most of the time, a lot of dog owners see this as their dog acting friendly to another dog or another person. Well, it is not really entirely wrong but it’s not entirely correct either. Dogs wag their tails as a means to communicate with other dogs or animals. Although a tail wag could mean being friendly, it could also mean that your dog is ready to strike at any minute. Some dog owners get somewhat of a ... Read More »

Don’t Let It Grow Too Long – The Importance Of Regularly Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

Most dog owners understand the importance of keeping their dogs clean through dog grooming. For many dog owners, dog grooming involves giving their dog a bath, brushing their coat and many more. But there is one important process that many pet owners neglect simply because they’re intimidated with the process. This is pet nail clipping. It’s quite understandable why many dog owners are intimidated with this process. Aside from the fact that dogs get quite uncomfortable with it, some ... Read More »

Dog Grooming – A Beginner’s Guide To Safely Using Dog Clippers

One of the scariest things many new dog owners may think about in regard to dog grooming, is cutting or shaving their dog’s hair using dog clippers. You may fear that you might hurt or cut your dog during the process but the truth is the process can be easy and very safe as long as you read and follow the clipper instructions and you know how to position your dog during the process. So today, we will be giving you some tips and tricks to help you get acquainted with the idea of clipping ... Read More »

Dog Grooming – Common Dog Skin Problems And What To Look Out For

Skin care during dog grooming is very important but being vigilant enough to identify common skin problems as and when they occur is also of the utmost importance. In fact,  it  is  essential  because  skin  conditions  should  not  be  treated  by  you  or  a professional  groomer.  Instead,  as  soon  as  you  notice  a  condition  you  should  take your dog to see your vet in order to get the proper treatment and medication for your best friend. There  are  ... Read More »

Dog Shedding – Shedding Some Light On This Hairy Phenomenon

Dog Shedding is  a  cyclical  event  in  the  life  of  many common  dog breeds. Single coated and double coated dogs both shed their fur twice a year because it tends to grow in seasonal cycles. However, single coated dogs shed far less than double coated dogs in both amount and duration for reasons that we will examine in a little while. It is worth noting, though, that some breeds of dog do not shed at all! The  following are all breeds that do not shed, but all of those not ... Read More »

The Pet Portal Slicker Brush For Dogs – The Quick & Easy Way To a Smooth Tangle Free Coat For Your Dog

We are proud to show you our all new slicker dog brush for grooming your doggie. Our  specially designed slicker brush is exclusive to "The pet portal" on Amazon and not available anywhere else. It has our unique patented self cleaning function which allows removal of hair from the brush in seconds. No more fiddly plucking of hair from your brush or  hurt your fingers and shorten the brush life. The comfort grip handle and stainless steel pins provide excellent grooming results with ... Read More »

Dog Washing – Important Doggy Bath Time Tips

We'd like to share with you a few tips about dog bathing that can help you in bathing your dog and making the process more efficient and effective  for you both: If  your  dog  goes mad  following  a  bath,  rampaging  through  the  house  in  an attempt to get rid of the water on his or her back, then try bathing in your garden. Using  a  paddling  pool  and  a  hose  in  an  area  that  is  completely  secure  and you will avoid the mess completely. Of course, ... Read More »

The Essential Dog Grooming Tools You Need To Groom Your Doggy

There  are  numerous dog grooming tools available  right  now  and  the  majority  can  be found in good pet stores, with all of them being readily available online. Most of them are incredibly affordable so it is possible to invest in good tools no matter what your budget. However, a  tip before you start. As with anything else  these days, you get what you pay for. If you invest in quality dog grooming tools then they will last longer and work much better than the ... Read More »

Dog Grooming 101 – Important Reasons Why You Should Groom Your Dog

“Why should I groom my dog?” Believe it or not, there are dog owners asking this very question each and every day. They do not believe that taking the time to groom their dog properly on a regular basis is necessary, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. Your dog cannot just stay clean on his or her own. In fact, although they are capable of cleaning themselves to a certain degree, they need more help than many owners often realize. Here are 8 reasons why you should take the ... Read More »