About Us

We at the Pet Portal and HappyDogz team believe that pets are family, and your family deserves the best!

We established The Pet Portal in 2012 with the goal of educating pet owners and providing high quality pet brushes that will provide an easy, efficient, effective, and enjoyable brushing experience.

The Self Cleaning Slicker Brush was the very first the brush that we released on Amazon. We didn’t really have that much expectation for the brush back then but our team was surprised when it became a hit on the online store. This was definitely the brush that started everything for us.

Due to the slicker brush’s success we were able to branch out and we created new line of pet products under the HappyDogz brand which has also gained a good following online.

We are a team composed of animal lovers and we can say with confidence that our products are developed by pet owners for our fellow pet owners. All our products are built to last and are easy and comfortable to use.

To ensure our product’s durability, we only use the highest quality materials that we can source. All our pet products are created with your furry friend’s maximum comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Both Pet Portal and HappyDogz pet products are carefully designed and tested with the help of professional pet groomers and trainers to ensure its effectiveness, durability and ease of use. Plus we listen to suggestions and feedback from our customers.

We have been selling our pet products on Amazon.com since 2012 and our pet products have found their way in to tens and thousands of pet owners’ home in the US. We have over 5,000 positive customer reviews from very loyal customers who continue to recommend our products to their family and friends.

We take our customer’s experience buying from us and using our products very seriously so aside from releasing high quality products, we also pride ourselves in providing the best customer support in the business.

You will always feel safe buying from us. We take pride and are very confident in our products and to prove that we offer lengthy 5 – 10 year up to a lifetime satisfaction guarantees.

Below are other values that the company aspire to;

# We act with integrity and honesty and believe that the products we sell offer outstanding quality, value and user experience, far exceeding the user’s expectations.

# We are passionate about our customers and do our best to provide the best information, help and support.

In short we do our best to exceed your customer expectations in every way we can.

Experience Highly Rated Top Quality Pet Products That You And Your Pets Will Love Exclusively On Amazon.com

The Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!
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