A Closer Look At Coprophagia In Dogs – The Reasons Why Dogs Eat Their Own Feces

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Learning more about Coprophagia in dogs
This may be considered as a gross topic but we hope you bear with us. This topic may be a little hard to stomach but this weird behavior has been witnessed by thousands of dog owners for years now. This is also one of the most frequent questions that dog owners ask.

To shed some light on this strange behavior we will be looking at Coprophagia in dogs more closely.

For those who aren’t aware yet Coprophagia is the act where dogs eat their own feces. As disgusting as that may sound, this behavior is actually normal for dogs especially with puppies.

Usually puppies grow out of this behavior as they mature but there are dogs that are the exception to the rules. Nursing mothers may also demonstrate this behavior by eating their pup’s poop. This is due to their instinct to keep the den clean.

So why exactly do your canine buddies do this? Well, there isn’t actually just one reason. Each dog has their own reason why they demonstrate such a behavior. Here are some of the common reasons for Coprophagia in dogs.

1. Wanting to hide the evidence

You have to agree when we say that dogs are very crafty creatures. They have this ability to learn things at a very fast rate. There are some cases where dogs tend to eat their own poop simply because they want to get out of trouble.

During the early stages of house breaking, your dog may notice that you get upset with them when you see their “accidents” at home. Because of this your dog may try to get out of trouble by “eliminating the evidence”.

2. It may be a sign of malnutrition

Another common reason for this behavior is that your dog may not be getting the amount of nutrients that they need. Are you feeding your dog properly? Are they eating nutritious food? If you’re not quite sure yourself then you may want to take your dog to the vet to have them checked.

Remember that if dogs don’t get their needed nutrients then they will definitely look for other ways to get it, even if it means eating their own feces.

3. Recycling

Believe it or not, there are also instances when dogs may eat their own poop due to overfeeding. If you’re giving your dog too much nutrients then your dog may feel that it’s such a waste not to eat their nutrition filled feces. Yes, that’s really disgusting but that’s how some dogs think.

As you can see, this disgusting behavior may have been caused by overfeeding and underfeeding your dog. If you’re not sure of your dog’s diet then please take the time to consult your vet. We hope that this article helped shed some light on Coprophagia in dogs and gave you another reason to seriously consider your dog’s diet.

If your dog is getting enough nutrition and still demonstrating this behavior then don’t worry because in our next article we will be discussing how you can get your dogs to stop this behavior.

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