Coprophagia In Dogs – Quick Tips To Stop Your Dogs From Their Own Eating Poop

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Quick tips to help stop coprophagia in dogs
This article is actually a continuation of another article about coprophagia in dogs. If you haven’t read that yet or don’t have a firm understanding of what coprophagia is and why it happens please read that article first by clicking here.

If you’ve already read that article and had your dog checked by your vet then the next part is for you to learn how to stop it from happening. As promised, in this article, we will be giving you some tips and tricks to stop this behavior.

Make sure that your dog is getting ample nutrition

If you’ve read the article about coprophagia in dogs, one of the reasons why your canine buddy may be doing this is because they are getting too little or too much nutrition. If you have confirmed from your vet that either may be the case then make sure that you only provide enough food for your doggy.

Immediately clean up after your dog

If the nutrition isn’t the cause of your dog’s behavior then cleaning right after your dog goes “no. 2” can help stop the behavior. This can prevent any access from poop and at the same time keep your yard clean.

That said, we understand that there are certain situations that may prevent you from doing this so the next tip would be to…

Teach your dog that this is bad behavior

This tip needs a lot of consistency and patience in your part but once your dog finally gained proper understanding then you may not need to worry about this from happening again.

Basically, what you need to do is to say “NO!” or “STOP!” or “NAH AH AH!” When you see your dog approach the excrement. Once your dog stops or gets distracted, offer treats, belly rubs or any other things your dog may like. You can also make use of a clicker if you’re into clicker training.

Doing this will show your dog that there are more rewarding things than just going after their poop. As mentioned before, a lot of patience and consistency is needed to succeed in this so just keep at it.

Take your dog on a walk

This is a good alternative if you don’t have the time to do the tips above. Taking your dog outside for a walk 2 – 3 times a day and allowing them to do their business outside your home prevents them from accessing poop and it also keeps your home clean.

Use pet safe taste deterrent products

Another thing that can help stop the behavior is by using taste deterrent products like bitter apple. Just make sure that the products are safe for pets.

We hope that you find the tips above helpful in stopping coprophagia in dogs. Again before trying out the tips above make sure that you consult your vet first. Determine if the problem is caused by malnutrition or any other illnesses before you proceed.

Again if you haven’t read the detailed article about coprophagia in dogs then please click here to check it out.

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