Dog Shedding Myths Debunked – 5 Shedding Myths That Most Dog Owners Believe To Be True

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Important Dog Shedding Myths DebunkedDog shedding is a phenomenon that many dog owners may be acquainted with. Dog shedding happens when your dog sheds their old fur to allow for new ones to grow.

This usually brings a load of headache to some dog owners because it results to incessant vacuuming in the house.

Due to this, a lot of people look for ways to stop or prevent this phenomenon from happening. This is what brought out different kinds of dog shedding myths that, sadly, many dog owners to this date still believe to be true.

To help you become more aware of dog shedding and what it truly entails, here are 5 of the most popular myths about dog shedding, debunked.

1. There are tools that can stop dog shedding

This is a very popular that myth that caused a lot of spending for many dog owners. The truth is that there isn’t a tool that can stop or prevent this from happening. This is because the shedding process is a very important part of your canine buddy’s life.

Shedding allows them to shed old fur to give way to new ones that can help keep them comfortable during the changing seasons. You can read more about shedding by clicking here.

But although, there are no tools that can stop shedding, there are some dog grooming tools such as a deshedding tool or a self cleaning slicker brush that can help reduce it greatly with regular use.

2. Dogs only shed during spring and fall

Dogs actually shed all year round but their shedding tendencies are usually more prominent during spring and even fall. This will depend, however, on the country’s climate and the type of dog you have.

You should also bear in mind that there is a big difference between normal pet shedding and excessive shedding. If you think that your dog is shedding more than the usual then there may be something wrong so please get your dog checked by your vet just to be sure.

3. People who are allergic to dogs should choose dogs that don’t shed

This is another myth that a lot of dog owners seem to believe. The truth, however, is that there is no such thing as a dog that doesn’t shed. All dogs regardless of breed or size do shed to some degree.

A dog breed that’s usually mixed in with this myth is the Bichon Frise or the Poodle because, according to some, these breeds don’t shed at all. The truth is that these dog breeds do shed, but not as much as other breeds. So if you have allergies, it is a good idea to look for dogs like the Poodle or Bichon Frise because, although they still do shed, they shed less compared to others.

4. Shaving your dog can help fix the shedding problem

This may sound like a good idea but a lot of pet experts don’t really suggest shaving the dog’s coat. For one, if this is done during summer or near winter then your dog will not have their primary protection from the elements. This may leave your dog very uncomfortable and get sunburns during those very hot seasons.

Just imagine this for a second, how would you feel if you left home naked under the heat of the sun or during winter? Not too pleasant right?

5. Bathing your dog frequently can help lessen shedding

This myth does have some truth to it. But the thing is, many pet owners usually think that frequent bathing ALONE is the solution to their hairy problem. Which isn’t true.

The most effective way to reduce shedding is to brush your dog regularly using a deshedder tool after your dog’s bath or even without giving them a bath at all. Remember that too much bathing may dull your dog’s coat and cause dry skin.

If you’re living with a dog that sheds heavily please don’t worry. As mentioned above, although there is no such thing as a tool that can stop shedding there are ways to lessen it. Investing in a good quality slicker brush or deshedding brush and regularly brushing your dog can reduce the problem greatly.

Just remember to be vigilant when choosing the tool. Only choose a dog brush that has gentle stainless steel pins.
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