Dog Tips – How To Deal With A Dog That’s Scared Of Lightning And Thunder

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Dog Tips For Dogs That Are Scared Of Thunder
Many of us see dogs as amazing companions, great guards, and the defender of our homes. But like humans, dogs also have their own weaknesses; one common weakness that a dog may have is fear of thunder or lightning.

It’s truly a disheartening scene, seeing your canine buddy trembling in hear, running around the house looking for a safe area to shelter them from the big bad rumbling in the sky. The experience is also very stressful for your furry buddies which is why we need to understand why this happens and how we can help keep them calm and overcome the situation.

So, let’s begin with the question…

Why is my dog afraid of thunder or lightning?

Each dog is different and there may be a myriad of reasons why they have developed that kind of fear. This may have been triggered early or later in your dog’s life. You may not be able to exactly pinpoint why your dog is afraid of thunder but it’s important that you be patient and be considerate of their feelings.

Can my dog stop being afraid of thunder?

The answers to this question is a yes and a no. It will really depend on how much your dog is afraid of thunder. If the fear is too much then it may require a professional pet trainer to help your dog overcome it. Some experts say that if the problem was addressed earlier in your dog’s life then there is a chance that they may overcome their fear.

What can you do to help?

As mentioned above, you need to be really patient and understanding when this happens. There are dogs that tend to be destructive during these times and there are also those that may feel unsettled which usually results in running around your home trembling, looking for a safe place to shield them from the noise.

The first thing that you need to do is to create a safe place for your dog. Remember that the safe place must be safe from your dog’s point of view and not yours.

You can find out what’s safe from your dog’s point of view by observing the places your dog usually goes to during this time. This can be under your bed, under the table, etc. You can also create a little “hole” (well, not exactly a hole, no need for digging) inside your home. This can be a small place that’s dark which can help shield your dog from the sound of lightning and thunder.

You can help your dog see this place as their safe spot by encouraging them to go there during thunderstorms or when they start hearing the noise.

Another idea is to distract your dog, this may not work for every canine but it’s definitely worth a shot. You can do this by engaging in certain activities that they like such as fetch, belly rubs, etc. and then offering treats. Once you notice that your dog starts getting anxious, try to get their attention and try different activities. The effectiveness of this technique will depend on the intensity of your dog’s fear.

Why shouldn’t you ignore this fearful behavior?

It is important to never ignore this fear because certain dogs can demonstrate destructive behavior during these situations. Some dogs may scratch walls or may hurt themselves by going into places they shouldn’t be going. As much as possible, address the issue early on and really help your dog feel comfortable and safe.

We really hope that this article has provided you with some insights to help your dog overcome or simply be calm and feel safe during thunderstorms. Again we really want to emphasize the need for dog owners to be patient and understanding during these times.

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