Fun Dog Trivia – 10 Interesting Facts About Dogs That Will Blow Your Mind

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10 Very Interesting Fun Facts About Dogs Every dog has their own quirks and personality. There are dogs that look like they don’t care and there are also those that can play through the entire day. But no matter how docile, active or playful they are we still love every part of them.

To pay homage to these special creatures that we can’t really say no to, here are some interesting fun facts you may not know about your canine buddy.

1. Dogs are dreamers too

Yes, dogs do dream! Our furry companions actually have the same slow wave type and rapid eye movement as us humans. Dogs dream when they enter the REM state which can be seen through eye twitching and even slight paw movements when asleep.

2. Sweaty Paws?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs don’t actually sweat through their tongue. The truth is that dogs sweat from the pads of their paws.

3. The world is not black and white

Another popular myth is that dogs can only see black and white. Studies, however, tell us that dogs see primarily in colors such as blue, greenish-yellow, yellow and various shades of gray.

4. What is that kicking motion?

Ever wonder why your canine buddy seems to kick after peeing or pooing? There are some people who think that dogs do this to cover their tracks. The truth, however, is that dogs do this to further mark their territory. Remember that dogs sweat through the pads of their feet, by kicking the ground they are in fact using their sweat glands to widen the coverage of their territory.

5. Time to cool down

Although we busted that myth about dogs sweating through their tongues, it does have a pretty good use for your furry friends. Dogs actually use it to cool off.

6. Not as stupid as others think

Dogs are actually very intelligent creatures. If trained properly dogs can understand about 250 words and gestures. They could also be taught to count up to 5 and do some simple mathematical equations. The average dog could be as intelligent as a 2 year old kid.

7. Belly rubs than hugs

This may come as a shock to some but dogs actually don’t like being hugged as much as humans and other animals do. Dogs see putting a limb on another animal as a sign of dominance.

8. Brave doggy soldiers

In 2010, there were 2 stray dogs in Afghanistan that saved over 50 American soldiers. The brave doggies are Rufus and Target. A Facebook campaign was made so that these two doggies would be brought back to the US and live with the soldiers. Rufus now lives with Sgt. Chris Duke in Atlanta while Target lives with another soldier in Arizona.

9. Service dogs know when it’s time to work

Service dogs may be one of the animals that have really great work ethic. It is said that service dogs are trained to know when to play and when to work. When the harness is on these dogs immediately become serious and start working, but becomes playful and active as the harness is taken off.

10. Dogs drink by pulling out water

There was quite a debate about how dogs drink water. A video in slow motion showed that dogs seem to drink by scooping the water using the back of their tongue. That has been now been debunked. A recent study shows that dogs use the top of their tongue to drink water. Water actually sticks to the dogs tongue and is pulled up in a column.

We hope that you were entertained while reading 10 of our doggy fun facts.

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  • Faylinn

    I had no idea that dogs drank water by pulling it out, but that is very interesting. However, I don’t quite understand how water sticks to their tongue. Does water stick to human tongues too or what is so special about their’s that makes it so that it happens?

  • Amazing Facts About Dogs

    The fact that dogs are so friendly, they still are so mysterious. But one fact is straight we can’t live without them and they are our best friend no matter what.

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