Moving With Your Dog – Make Moving Day Less Stressful For You And Your Dog With These Easy Tips

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Important Tips When Moving With Your Dog - Making The Process Easier And More Relaxing
Moving day can be a really stressful time for any person, bringing all those boxes, furniture, clothes, etc. It can even be more hectic if you have dogs around. But before you start feeling sorry for yourself know that your dog is suffering from the same stress and anxiety as well. Moving day is definitely not easy for your canine buddy especially when they’ve been living in your old home for many years.

Bear in mind that dogs love routine so change is not really their strong suit. If you don’t prepare your dog properly for the move then they may suffer from certain behavioral issues in the future caused by being in an unfamiliar environment. Your dog may also feel insecure and threatened.

Does that mean that it’s not a good idea to move with your dog? No, that’s certainly not what we’re saying. Moving with your dog can be easy and less stressful for your furry pal if you prepare for it properly.

To help make the move easier and less stressful, here are some tips that you can follow.

Train them to get used to stay in a crate

When traveling with your dog to a new location you will need to put them in a crate for security and comfort reasons. It’s not recommended to just have your dog sit on someone’s lap or in the car during the drive.

If your dog is not used to being in a crate then you need to get them used to it. You can do this slowly by letting them in the crate for a few seconds first and then making the stay longer or closing the crate door as they get used to it.

We also suggest that you remove any sharp objects or things that may hurt the dog in the crate to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort.

Take them with you to visit the new home

We understand that this may not be possible for every dog owner but if your new home is only a few minutes’ drive from where you are then taking your dog can be a great idea.

Slowly introduce them to the new home

Once moving day arrives and you finally get to your new home, as much as possible, avoid letting your dog roam the entire house immediately. The new home may be a bit overwhelming for your dog. Instead, close the other doors in your new home and introduce each room to them. It will be really helpful if you bring their toys or offer some treats during this activity.

We also suggest designating a “safe room” for them. This is a room or a space where they will be staying in the house. Put their food bowl, water bowl, bed, toys, etc. in this place.

Stick to your routine

If you have already established a routine with your dog like the time they eat, go for walks, go in the yard, etc. it’s important that you stick to it even in your new home. As we mentioned before, dogs aren’t really fans of change so it will help them adjust to the new environment faster if you still continue like nothing happened.

Don’t replace your dog’s things

As tempting as it may be to buy new things for your dogs in the new home, it will be far better if they have something they’re familiar with. This can be in the form of their favorite toy, their bowl, and even their bed.

Aside from the tips we mentioned above, we also suggest that you continue talking to your dog during the move. Make them feel loved and secure during the adjustment period. We hope that you learned a lot from today’s article and that it has helped make the move as stress free as possible for your canine buddies.

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