HappyDogz Easy Walker Pro Retractable Dog Leash for All Dog Breeds – Made to Last with Heavy Duty Locking Mechanism & Leash – Easy to Use & No Tangle Lead Extends up to 16 ft




FINALLY, the door to your dog’s endless SAFE freedom and adventure is within your reach!



Dog walking is supposed to be a fun activity but let’s face it…

It can get boring and become a chore especially when you’re using a “standard type” dog leash. Standard leashes are very limited with their reach and can restrict your dog’s ability to explore and well…just be a dog.

Dogs are very inquisitive and have so much energy in them that it’s in their very nature to want to roam, explore, and sniff almost everything (or everyone) they come across.

Being pet owners ourselves, we think that a dog’s life is too short to get all tangled up in a short restrictive leash.

We want the activity to be as fun and exciting for both pets and their owners because dog walking is an integral part of your buddy’s life. We believe that it should be a process that both of you should enjoy.

Leaving your dog with nothing to do can cause them to gain weight and develop a very lethargic personality which can bring about many potential health issues.

So, how do you keep dog walking fresh, fun, and stress free?

Introducing our newest and most advanced retractable dog leash that’s exclusively available on Amazon.com, the Easy Walker Pro Retractable Dog Leash!

It’s time to retire your old standard type dog leash and rekindle the fun that you and your doggy have been missing out on!

This modern retractable dog leash can handle tension of up to 110 lbs and has the ability to smoothly and effortlessly retract and extend up to the ideal maximum length of 16 feet.

This gives you and your dog enough freedom to roam and explore making the entire activity fun, safe, and stress free.

The dog leash offers your dog freedom while keeping you 100% in control at all times. You can keep your buddy close by or allow them to explore some areas by extending the leash with just a push of a button.

This provides added freedom for your dog so they can go on their little adventures.

Aside from the additional freedom the Easy Walker Pro Dog Leash offers the following benefits:

* No more tugging and pulling. The leash extends and retracts which means you can give a little more slack during walks giving your dog more room to explore.

You won’t have to be dragged into puddles, tall grasses, and other obstacles that could be difficult for you to traverse on.

* More smiles during walks. It provides you and your dog with a more interesting, fun and stimulating walking experience.

* Confidence booster. The additional freedom allows “dogs to be dogs” which helps boost their confidence.

* A useful dog training tool. A retractable dog leash is an ideal tool for potty training, for teaching your dog to heel, fetch, stay, to respond to your voice, and more.

Wait a minute! This sounds like other dog leashes you’ve seen elsewhere?


We understand the many concerns and misconception that a lot of pet owners have when it comes to retractable dog leashes.

The fact of the matter is, there are some variables that you must consider when getting a retractable dog leash such as the length, durability, size, its intended use, etc.

We have done our homework (months and months of it) and are very much aware of those issues. This is why we’re proud to say the Easy Walker Pro Dog Leash is THE retractable dog leash will satisfy the needs of most pet owners and their dogs.

We can confidently say that it has been designed using the latest retractable dog leash technology. We spent extensive time testing and researching this model to perfection.

This makes the leash stronger, tougher, and smoother. The leash body and its retracting mechanism is designed to handle a beating and can be used during day time and even for nighttime strolls.

We subjected the leash to a spring test that ran for 50,000 retractions to make sure that it passes our very strict standards.

This makes it suitable for small, medium, and especially large dogs of up to 110 lbs in weight.

…And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The Easy Walker Pro contains more features than our other dog leashes!

We know how important the dog walking activity is for both pets and their owners so we added more features to make sure that it’s not only fun but convenient, but provides another layer of security.

* It features a wide tough tangle free nylon tape with REFLECTIVE stitching. The reflective stitching provides an additional layer of safety for you and your pets. It offers added visibility during night time walks. The nylon tape also prevents rope burns or other potential injuries that are commonly caused by “cord” type leashes.

* A bigger handle that fits all! We noticed how other dog leashes have small handles and so went in and rectified that issue. The Easy Walker Pro has a BIGGER handle circumference with an ergonomic design for added comfort. This eliminates stress on the wrist so that even pet owners with arthritic wrists/hands can use it.

* It has been reinforced with a stronger, bigger, and more durable zinc alloy snap hook that can be easily attached to your dog’s collars or harnesses. The durable hook ads yet another level of security for the activity.

* It Includes special free poop bags and a refillable container that can be attached to the leash for easy clean-up. The poop bag holder comes with a clip attachment that you can also use to hang car keys, fanny packs, or other accessories that you may need during walks.

* It also Includes free downloadable ebooks on dog walking, and pet grooming.

Still having second thoughts?

When we say, we’re confident in the Easy Walker Pro, we MEAN IT!

This is why we don’t have any qualms with offering a LIFETIME money back guarantee.

Yes, you read that right! The Easy Walker Pro Retractable Dog Leash comes with a LIFETIME guarantee.

We have been selling pet products on Amazon.com for almost 6 years now and we have always been true to our word and we stand by our products.

In the very unlikely event where the leash breaks or you or your pets are unsatisfied with it, you can send us an email and we’ll replace/refund your money in full. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

So what’s there to think about?

The path to a new, fun and more exciting adventure awaits!

You owe it to yourself and your furry buddy to experience a fun, safe, and stress free dog walking experience.

The door to your dog’s endless freedom and exploration is just a couple of clicks away.


Do you have additional questions or concerns about the Easy Walker Pro Retractable Dog Leash?

Please consider going through our product’s FAQ page by clicking here.

If your question is not listed on the FAQ page please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

We will be happy to answer any question you may have for our products.


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