The Essential Dog Grooming Tools You Need To Groom Your Doggy

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Dog grooming tools - Here are some of the tools you need to consider before grooming your dogThere  are  numerous dog grooming tools available  right  now  and  the  majority  can  be found in good pet stores, with all of them being readily available online. Most of them are incredibly affordable so it is possible to invest in good tools no matter what your budget.

However, a  tip before you start.

As with anything else  these days, you get what you pay for.

If you invest in quality dog grooming tools then they will last longer and work much better than the cheaper ones. Furthermore, if you take the time to look after them properly then they will take care of your dog.

You  need  at  least  the  basics  for  grooming  your  dog,  meaning  a  brush,  comb, scissors and nail clippers. However, from the list below, you will be better able to assess exactly what you need  for your dog. This  is especially applicable given  the fact that you will need different tools for the different types of dog coats. Start by researching what type of coat your dog has.

Bristle Brushes are ideal for use with short coats.

Boar’s Bristle Brush – A boar’s bristle brush is not necessarily something that most owners have heard of but is generally used for removing the undercoat during shedding and when there are loose hairs. It can really help to remove matting and is generally associated with the grooming of long coated breeds.

Bristle Brush
– Available in soft, medium, and stiff models, bristle brushes are ideal for use with short coats. However, they can also be used on the undercoat of long coated breeds as well. Bristle brushes are ideal for regular brushing as they will not damage the skin.
Large Pin Brush is ideal for regular brushing of your dog.
Large Pin Brush – Ideal for regular brushing, the large pin brush should be used on long  coated breeds and especially

the larger breeds that come under that category. It should not be used on smooth coats because of the risk of damage.

Small Pin Brush – A smaller version of the large pin brush, it does exactly the same job but is more suited to smaller breeds within the long coated category.

Rubber  Brush  –  The  rubber  brush  is  gentle  on  the  skin  and  is  not  designed  for coats with tangles. As such, it is designed for smooth and medium coated breeds.

Handy slicker brush that you can use for your dogsSlicker Brush  – The  slicker brush  is  perfect  for  all  breeds  of  dog,  no matter what type of coat they have and is one of our favorites! It is designed to release & extract dirt from all types of hair and is good for  use with  the  undercoat  as well  as  the  guard  hair.  It will  also  help  to  pull  loose hairs away from the coat but is not necessarily the best tool to use during shedding. Instead, it is better for regular use as part of a weekly routine.

Chamois Cloth – A chamois cloth is commonly associated with cleaning a car rather than a dog but it is perfect for use on smooth coated dogs because it can be used to polish  the  coats  and  really  bring  out  a  healthy  shine without  causing  any  harm  to your dog.

Comb – Unlike the brushes available, there are very few combs to choose from and many  experts  simply  recommend  a  regulation  size  steel  comb. The comb  should ideally have both fine and medium teeth for removing tangles and removing stray hairs that the brush has left behind. This comb is ideal for use with all coat types and thus all breeds.

De-Matting Comb – This is another comb  that you may want  to consider using but only with long coated breeds. It has wide teeth and is primarily used for removing matting rather than tangles.

Electric Clipper – Clippers are used to clip hair and there are models out there that are designed specifically  for small animals. Make sure you get some help or advice for the first time before using them.

Nail Clipper – This is an essential piece of equipment for grooming your dog. There are three different sizes of nail clippers available  – small, medium and large. Each type  corresponds with  the  size  of  the  dog  you  are  grooming. You  can  choose  the scissors clippers, which are suitable primarily  for small dogs. The guillotine clippers are primarily  designed  for  use  on  medium  dogs. The  heavy  duty  clippers  that resemble pliers are  those  for use with  large dogs given  that  this size  is well known for its strong and resistant nails. There are also electric models now available.

All of the above information relates directly to the dog grooming tools that you can use to groom your dog but there is no mention of shampoo and other such tools there. However, you will need a good shampoo  in order  to correctly bathe your dog and ensure  that all  dirt  is  removed  from  his  or  her  coat.

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  • Julino

    Hi. Its a great post. As, I have recently bought a jack russell pup for my daughter
    but I am very confused that how she we will be able to groom him. But,
    I will make sure that she will read all your advice’s so that she can get a lot of help in grooming him.
    Great job and thanks for sharing such informative blog.

  • Dog Lover

    We have recently started our own grooming service and came across this article. Really appreciate you taking the time to write this. It inspires us first timers and helps us along this new adventure.

    Pet grooming is far from the most popular topic to write about but you have done a great job being informative and not boring when it comes to the appropriate tools to use. Thanks a lot.

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